April 2017 – O.M.
This sweet girl is in her first months of living at Bethesda. Overall, she has adjusted very well and enjoys  playing with toys, singing around the house and coloring. She has also had the chance to go to our crèche and likes participating in all the activities. She also loves to model her new clothes whenever she gets them.

She likes to make people laugh, and is generally a very happy girl, full of giggles, and not reserved at all. She is working hard to make her bed each day, and is quite independent for her young age. She is also starting to memorize verses which will help her as she learns about who Jesus is and how much He loves her. It is also helping her learn English faster.

You can pray for her that she will continue to learn and understand English. She finds it difficult but she tries which is very important. She sometimes struggles to be gentle with children and needs to work on this. Her mom has asked that you pray that she will keep settling in at their home as it is evident that she misses her other home. It’s not easy to be  uprooted at such a young age. We would also ask that you pray for her to grow in her understanding of English and that her knowledge of God and the Bible will continue to increase.

Please pray that:
She will learn and understand English well
She will be gentle and grow in her knowledge of God

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