V is a young man in his last year at Jabulane Christian Academy. Next year he will begin his schooling offsite. He has recently had new houseparents come into his home but he has adjusted very well.

He loves playing soccer, and biking around the property with his friend, M. He is a fairly calm young man who is slowly coming out of his shell. He loves to laugh, joke, and sing and his mom says that he is “amazing when it comes to work.” He enjoys being neat and does his chores well. He is a leader in the house and tries to be a good example to the younger children. He is a peacemaker and helps the other children to get along with each other.

He loves to chat which sometimes gets him in trouble at school; but he enjoys natural science and does his homework consistently—even though some of the subjects are difficult. He is a fast learner and wants to learn how to cook.

You can pray that he will be more responsible about getting up in the morning, concentrating at school, and growing in his walk with the Lord. Thank you for your prayers for V.

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