DM is 12 years old and currently in Grade 5. She enjoys helping out in her house as well as playing outside with her friends. She especially enjoys playing netball. She is quickly moving into her teen years and all the challenges that will bring. She can be very kind and loving when she wants to be and her mom also says that she is good about sharing with others.

When D is in a group of children younger than her or with her peers, she naturally takes charge and has the potential to be a good leader as others happily follow. She is very talkative and especially enjoys chatting with her friends and family. She is a bit quieter when she is first getting to know people.

Her parents would ask that you first pray for her salvation as only God can transform her heart and turn her into a beautiful woman both inside and out. They would also ask that you pray that she will commit to being honest in all things and be more willing to show people her kind heart. Thank you for your prayers!

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