This month we feature our youngest little girl who will have her first birthday in early April. She is here in Temporary Safe Care so we don’t know how long she’ll remain at Bethesda but God knows that and He has a plan for her. In the mean time, she is being cared for, loved so much, and thriving.

She was only a few months old when she arrived and was quite sick but she is doing much better now. She loves to fall asleep with a blanket by her face and she loves music and dancing with her sisters. She also claps a lot, laughs and enjoys being outside on a walk. She isn’t afraid of our dog at all.

She is a cutie full of smiles and giggles and wants to be with people. She’s like a teddy bear and all the kids love to be with her and carry her around. She crawls everywhere and is starting to stand so we know she will be walking very soon.

Her first word was, “Wow” and is now regularly saying, “Mama,” “Dada,” and “Woof.”  She’s turning into a big girl now as she is holding her own bottle and starting to feed herself some solid food.

You can pray for her that she will continue to improve in her health but she is a fighter which is helping her to thrive. You can also pray that a plan for permanency can be made for her that will be in her best interest. Our prayer is that she will end up in a family that will point her to Jesus as she grows up.

We take comfort in knowing that God loves her more than any of us ever could and He will make a plan for her life that is exactly designed for her.

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