S has been at Bethesda for many years and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow and mature. He loves to draw, write songs, and work on some videography projects. He also loves to play soccer with his friends. At school, he enjoys Business & Consumer studies and is an energetic and enthusiastic young man filled with great ideas. He is helpful at home by washing up the dishes and grilling meat on the braai (BBQ).


He is very good at sport and helps his siblings with their homework when he can. In his own words, he struggles to control his emotions and to have self control. He is working to be more humble and take correction better. He would like you to pray for him that he will grow more in loving God, making right decisions and to be diligent in his school work.

He recently made some statements to his mom that illustrate that he is thinking more seriously about life. “Don’t waste energy wanting to change things that are not meant to change” and, “Life is not always fair—get used to it.”  While those are mostly true statements, we do pray that he will see God’s sovereign, wise, and good hand in his life and keep those insights within the context of a Heavenly Father who loves him and wants only what is best for S.  He is very grateful to his parents for their patience and guidance in his life.  Thank you for praying for S.

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