It is easy to find a multitude of BLOGS on the internet on virtually any subject; but why blog? And what kinds of blogs are out there? Some are relational and designed to attract an audience, meet and help people, or just stay in touch. Others are entrepreneurial by creating opportunities to stand out, network, make money, or validate expertise. If you want to learn something new or connect with an audience on a specific topic, there is a blog for you! Here is the big question…Why read this blog?

If you are still reading the Bethesda blog, Thank You! This blog will highlight specific areas of orphan care that is Gospel-focused, church-driven and family-centered. We aim to appeal to three areas: the head, heart, and hands.

Head. We want to promote a clear knowledge and understanding of orphan care and the biblical mandate to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Heart. We want to appeal to your emotions – not to manipulate, but rather to help you to clearly feel God the Father’s compassion for hurting children.

Hands. We want you to do something! We will give practical ways that Christians can care for orphans and vulnerable children in their communities and around the world.

That sibling group of 4 kids in your neighbourhood, the single child whose mom is addicted to drugs, the newborn who has just been abandoned at the hospital…these have all been carefully knit together by God the Father and are individually precious children who need biblical hope for their future. See the needs of these children, respond with compassion and move in obedience by responding to what God the Father has done for you.

I would like to hear from you with ideas, questions, or topics that you would like to hear more about. Tell me some of the ways you are involved in orphan care so we can celebrate and praise God for what He is doing to rescue and redeem. You can contact me (Andrew) directly at