Hi everyone, this is the Sithole family.

We, George and Florah, have been together for 21 years since we got married on May 28, 1999. We joined the Bethesda family 10 years later on May 15, 2009. We always wanted to be part of a positive culture where others appreciated our contribution. We have a passion of serving in the ministry of children and participating in a positive way.

Working at Bethesda is a fulfilling opportunity in our lives since we had observed a gap between children’s ministries and ordinary individuals. As we took up this opportunity, we realised that one must have a broad mind in the ministry – especially when it comes to orphan care. We began to understand it is not about us, but all about Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ laid down his life for us and we learned from His example that we should give of our lives for others every day, not just once. In spite of the joy that you experience as a united family doing everything together, there are challenging times. We think that is when it matters the most, because how you handle conflict is paramount. In challenging times, we continue trusting the Lord while having all the resources that we need from Him. We believe that we should always bring honour to God.

We believe that the composition of a family is phenomenal. As parents, we want to see our biological children and those in our care as equals, without one being superior to the others since we believe that is what is pleasing to God.

We want biblical standards to be supreme in our family, marriage, and children. We are so thankful to God for Bethesda, where we work as a team collectively for one goal and one purpose. We do not want to forget to mention families and individuals overseas who have been consistent in serving and praying with us over the years – that has been the best experience of the ministry. Working together in unity has been the biggest highlight for us in orphan care.