On the 20th to 23rd of September, I was among three dads and seven boys from Bethesda who attended the hiking trip in the Drakensberg Mountains in Durban organized by 4M Group. This was an amazing 72 hours of inspiration, challenge, and adventure. It’s a men’s movement that encourages men to live for the King, Jesus Christ. The theme is called, “Brothers to serve the King Jesus.”

The highlight of the trip was that it was an absolutely NEW experience. I was exposed to an experience of quietness and the beauties of the Creator as well as to the physical and mental extreme challenges resembling the physical and spiritual burden carried by every man; we were learning that only God can give rest and relief.

It was a physical, mental, and spiritual challenge – an extreme character challenge where dads and sons are in the mountains and got taught and reminded of their beginnings. We were taught about the purpose of God when He created humans and the responsibility that He gave to the man which was to take care of the garden (Gen 2:15).

We were reminded of the example found when Jesus surrendered His will to God’s will (Matt 26:39) and an awesome spiritual legacy carried over from a father to his son. I also realized that it doesn’t even have to be my own biological son. Any of my [foster] sons can aspire to this spiritual legacy.

The reality is that every man wrestles with sin. On the highest point of the mountain, I got to the lowest point in my life and became vulnerable at the foot of the Cross (representing Christ Jesus). I asked God for strength and sought God’s face for the forgiveness of sins. (Eph 2:8, Isaiah 53:4)

Being at the top of mountains is kind of a picture of uninterrupted life – peaceful and happy in-between the earth and heavens where my focus should be, without being distracted by all the world’s circumstances. (Isaiah 52:7)

I found a moment to switch off from the surrounding noise but listen to the Voice that truly matters. It was a beautiful opportunity to be with the Word of God alone without watches, cell phone, hot shower, or not even being in my comfort zone. It was that moment where fellow brothers together sought God while being in the beauty of the mountains.

The spiritual activities touched many lives and brought perspective in life. Men pushed their limits and experienced God’s presence in time of need. It was an awesome trip where new relationships were established and we praise God for His love to us.

Every moment was exciting, humbling, and encouraging. We had a big feast to celebrate the walk, the experience, the relationships, and joy that God had provided for each one who was there.

Two of my sons, Albert & Siya say: The trip was exciting and tiring, but also beneficial as we gained knowledge and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience. God’s grace was visible from the beginning of the trip through to the end. We met new friends and had our own space to think about our relationship with our God.

Through God’s empowerment, we achieved different spiritual milestones set for us on the mountains, for the glory of God. We also had a wonderful worship time on the peak of the mountains where the air was mild and cool.
The biggest highlight was to face our own fear which was turned around as we had put God in the center of our lives. We were challenged as individuals as we had to fight with our spiritual weaknesses and physical limitations.

We walked, prayed, spent time digging from the Word of God, and realised the importance of unity which was awesome! We all had a praise in us that God is wonderful and all He does is amazing. That is what we concluded with.

After we came back down from the mountain, we further drove down to Durban beach where we had fun in the sea. Some were seeing the ocean for the first time. We are thankful to God and to all who have made the contribution to make this trip a successful one.

May God bless,  Jack Msiza