I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who rescues and restores. This month, we want to pull back the curtain a bit and see just a glimpse into what God is doing in the lives of one of the young people here, in her own words. If you’ve been following our blog, or Bethesda Outreach for any amount of time you know that protecting the children in our care is one of our greatest concerns. For that reason, we do not post identifiable pictures or the full name of any of the children in our care. It seem like a small thing, but it is an important way of demonstrating their value and worth. Here is “T” in her own words about her relationship with Christ and life at Bethesda.

Hi, my name is T, I am fifteen years old, and I am one of nine children in the Sithole’s house. I have been at Bethesda for almost ten years now and in grade ten in Hoërskool FH Odendaal. I came to Bethesda when I was six years old, and at that time I came with my two older sisters. I was a very rebellious child back then but by the grace of God I have changed and grown into a young lady after God’s heart.

I accepted God’s gift of salvation when I was in grade three. Back then I recognized my need of a new heart. I knew I had a sinful heart and deserved eternal punishment from a Holy God. A verse in John showed me what I needed to do. John 20: 31 says, “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” I prayed with a staff member who showed me this verse and others and became a part of God’s family.

A lot of the things I’ve been learning lately is that I should know and stand for God. What I mean by this is choosing to obey God and not to be influenced by my friends. I am also learning that I must think differently and not be conformed by the world. I want to stand for my faith in Christ at school.

In my point of view, Bethesda has been changing in good ways. For example, there are volunteers coming to Bethesda every week from Calvary Baptist Church, just to help us with our school work. They help make sure there isn’t anything we need. They also help with studies that are difficult, help with subjects we have homework in, or assist when we are falling behind in our classes. I am so thankful for them coming out again and again to help us.

One of the things I thank God for is my parents. Ever since I came to Bethesda I’ve stayed with them and they’ve cared for me and loved me. Even when I’m not allowed to do some of things that I want to do, I know that they are not allowing me to do those kinds of things because they love me and care for me. I thank God for keeping them here at Bethesda. I know that the love they show us is from Him. Thank you personally for keeping us in your prayers.