Teachers at Jabulane Christian Academy are given a unique platform in which they can share biblical truths with their students on a day-to-day basis. Every teacher is motivated not only to share academics with their children, but also to teach the children about God and how to have a right relationship with Him.

Teachers reach out to students in some of the following ways:

  • Godly example: Many of the kids have never seen a godly example from a responsible adult that loves God and his neighbour. Some have no male figure in their lives or no one to show God to them. Teachers at JCA show their kids by example what it means to work hard, to act fairly, to be timely, as well as many other godly virtues.
  • Formal teaching opportunities: At JCA we have weekly assemblies where the children are systematically taken through the Bible. The students also have 2 hours of Bible classes a week in which a structured curriculum is followed, while they are also given time to ask questions about God and his Word.
  • Informal teaching opportunities: All teachers are required to integrate God’s Word into their lessons. It is not strange for a math teacher to pause his lesson on counting in multiples of 10 and to point to the fact that God counted even the hair on your head; or for an art teacher to point to God’s creativity in designing the world and everything in it.
  • Corrective teaching: If a child disobeys a class rule, teachers are trained to correct such manners biblically. The sin is called by its biblical name, is addressed from the Bible and children are encouraged to seek forgiveness from God and others.
  • Should a child habitually break class rules, then the teacher would explain more fully what is at the heart of his sinful behaviour, and take the opportunity to explain more fully the Gospel and emphasize that repentance is necessary for the forgiveness of sins.

With such a unique platform, JCA has reached out to hundreds of students throughout the years with the Gospel. Children here gain a knowledge of God, His world, and His Word and know that their teachers plead and pray for their salvation.