On June 14, Bethesda sent out an email update that read, “Open now to see our newest arrival.” In that update, many read about Bethesda’s first Temporary Safe Care home being officially opened. My wife Kate, our girls and I were very excited to welcome Baby M! In those first days, we learned so much as God orchestrated many health challenges for Baby M and all the other members of my family. It was, in fact, the most difficult month physically for the Dodd Family since being married.

When Baby M arrived, we were all under the impression that she was just over one month old; however, we soon learned that she was just over two months old. We also quickly found out that she was quite ill. Not only did she have pneumonia, but she also had influenza. While she was in one hospital, I was in another one having shoulder surgery. A week later, Kate was in the worst pain of her life with a bacterial infection, and her first treatment only made things worse. Did I mention that our three daughters and Kate all caught the flu from Baby M? One of the many lessons we were reminded of this month is that God is GOOD; He is in CONTROL; and I will continue to TRUST in Him.

There have been so many times throughout this month that I have had to ask for help simply because I couldn’t do simple things like putting on my socks to the more important things like driving to the pharmacy to get more medication for someone. It is in this place of utter and complete dependence on God that He wants us to live in every day. Without Him and His daily moment-by-moment grace, I can do nothing. I thought we were temporarily caring for children in need out of a place of abundance; but I now understand that I am the one in need of help, grace, and patience from God the Father and from others.

God’s people from our church, Bethesda, and those praying for us around the world have been an incredible source of blessing and encouragement in this month of challenges. Between Baby M’s time in hospital and my shoulder surgery, Kate was running between hospitals on a regular basis. People helped us in tangible ways through gifts of nappies (diapers), wipes, meals, surprise visits to let our kids get out to play, Auntie weekend adventures for the kids, and so much more. I am not sure we would have eaten, gotten to doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy, or been able to get needed medication if it were not for those that stepped in and helped us through this month.

Baby M is now healthy and almost four months old. We are still far from knowing her story, but excited to see what God will do in and through this little girl’s life. We know Baby M is loved by God and that He gave His Son so she might put her hope in Him for salvation. However long Kate and I have her in our family, we, by God’s grace, will continue to point her to Him.